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Groovy :)

;-) funky

I like the fractal idea, Lisa, but on my monitor, the center section is a bit hard on the eyes.


Just so that I am clear on your feedback, are you talking about the center of the header or the middle column of the blog?


I love it, it’s bright, colorful, exciting and explosive - just like a breakthrough!

I like the fractals, they're groovy indeed.

Why do I suddenly feel the urge to put on a tie-dye T-shirt and watch Fantasia? (the movie; not the American Idol) ;-)

Funny, I hadn't really thought about the groovy/60's nature of the colors and pattern, but I like it. Free and open thinking, inclusiveness, spirited adventure.

The colors aren't quite so vivid on an LCD monitor -- I see sharp points converging on a bubble. Yes, there will be a breakthrough ;-)

Hi Lisa,

Sorry to have been unclear--yep, I was talking about the center of the header, where the blue, green, and orange meet. Where the colors are outlined with the black, they don't glow in quite the same way :-). It sounds like it's probably just my settings, tho--this is my "reading" computer, so the monitor's not calibrated.


One extra comment--when I look right at the header, it's not nearly as "glow-y." It's when I'm reading below it that it catches me off guard (so, I'm just scrolling down a bit further than I normally would before starting to read :-)).

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