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As a member of the J Team, I'm just getting started. I have chosen my goal, and reviewed the initial materials, and I'm looking forward to my breakthrough.

An interesting a-ha came from looking at the Focus/Action matrix: I noticed that I tend to have "Stargazer" tendencies. I think the approach of picking specific, deliberate actions each day will make a big difference in the progress toward my goal.

What Dwayne said. :-) I'm excited about getting this thing rolling. My goal needs some finessing - I want to make it less abstract (read: warm and fuzzy) and more measurable. I'm also looking forward to plotting constructive ways to deal with some of the issues that are working against my organization.

The focus/action matrix also really helps me. I really liked what Lisa said, "When you are not moving towards your goal, you have to either increase your focus and/or actions." That way, I immediately know what the problems are whenever I'm not moving.

The Daily Practice is my saviour. :) I have a tendency to overanalyze things. I always procastinate by reading more and more information and end up in a paralysis analysis. By making sure I'm doing the Daily Practice, I'm forcing myself to move forward. The fact that I "only" need to do two things helps a lot, since in the past, I always got overwhelmed by the complexity of reaching my goals, since I see too far ahead.

I found the definition of "What is a Breakthrough" to be very helpful, especially the line "After doing some research, you might find that you don't have the same commitment for your goals and adopt a different goal." I found this useful because I have several competing goals so it was good to understand that the breakthrough might be letting go of one and focusing on another.

Also, I second Kurina's thoughts on analysis paralysis, procrastinating and looking forward to the Daily Practice helping me toward action.

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts. It is helpful for me to hear what is making a difference and which parts resonate the most!

It was a terrific Day 1 for me; despite being in meetings all day (and I *do* mean all day), I managed to get two of our directors on board with my goal, and have my boss's buy-in for holding a monthly "Best of the Biz" meeting to have postmortems of what we did *right* that month, with representatives from each department. My plan is to use that meeting as a tool to foster more positive communication across departments.

So far, I give the program a big thumbs-up.

Kathleen - that's awesome!

I was struck by the similarity between Lisa's definition for breakthrough and the definition of creativity/innovation in a course I did in my MBA. Essentially, you can see them as once-in-a-lifetime genius-type events or daily opportunities to "Think different" Both breakthroughs and innovations require action as well as thought.

As an "ideas guy" I can empathise with Dwayne on the stargazer quadrant, and I think the daily practise is the key to achieving that increased action/momentum (success breeds success).

I like the belief/action cycle model too -- I think a large part of my goal is in helping people to move from the passive to the active cycle.

Haven't commented yet, so I'm gonna catch up ;)

Day 1 was about writing on my goal to have it clear (and in english), lots of discussion starting around on the mailing list (love that), preparing myself for the skype call from Lisa (polishing my english). Seems like I'm ready for the program, took some time to read the materials from Lisa, seems like the most important thing is the daily practice, could be a bit hard for me some days, but not others, so I guess I'm gonna make a mean for that ;)

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