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Here's a thing - a while ago I said to a friend that I wanted my job to include things a mix of writing, speaking, training, design, web development. I could see the common thread, but my friend thought it was not doable. She said, ironically, "Good luck with that."

Last week I

1. trained a client on presentation skills with powerpoint
2. did some copywriting for another client
3. designed and built a small website for a third

To be most effective, I will need to outsource part of this work on larger projects. Last week I had a conversation with an internationally recognised web developer about a bigger project which is in the pipeline.

Did I get "lucky?" I don't think it's an accident that by the middle of this programme, my working week included all the elements of my "dream job" and I am taking a more professional approach, enabling me to pursue larger projects.

Thank you y team and Lisa.

Adrian Trenholm
Communication Consultant
Your business can communicate better. Ask me how.

Adrian - I am thrilled about what you have accomplished! You are living proof of the power of focus and action implemented.

I've already put today's suggestion into action - I introduce myself to potential clients as a "Web design and usability consultant". It seems initially strange, but it's a genuine description of what I already do.

Look at a bus driver. What they do is written right there in their job title. There's nothing strange and unquantifiable about that, and it's just the same for my title: I'm consulted on web design and usability. I don't want or need to embellish it!

What fun, Lisa! I'm having a blast "being" a published author today ;-).

I'm up to page 63 on the completely scrapped book, and am still working on the requests... (That's still hard for me, but I'm really inspired by all your examples!)

A thousand thanks--this process has been such a wonderful experience!

Jessica - I look forward to reading your book and thanks for participating in the program!

Rob - I agree, simple and clear is best!

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