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I have just posted an email to Team Y on just how well Daily Practice and connecting with other people in my network has gone.

A phone-call to a former client following a vicious jab of conscience resulted in me being asked to arrange a two-hour closed Cable TV broadcast to 3600 doctors and specialists on my topic on any Tuesday in July.

I get to choose the panel participants, and have final say on the agenda. I am able to position myself alongside the best minds in the country, and in one fell swoop, I get exposure to 3 600 eager medical eyeballs of my source of referrals.

I am a part owner of the content, so we will be creating DVD productions aimed at different market segments from the orginal broadcast footage, to sell into the professional, train-the-trainer market, and of course into the consumer market. As the professional market covers the bottom half of Africa, we can utilise the capability of DVD and do the productions in 8 different langauges.

This 2Weeks2aBreakthrough programme really rocks - the value of Daily Practice implemented passionately is proving to be a wonderful investment.

My focus will now change to creating systems and processes to ensure I can service the demand that I accept, and keep the ones I am asking to wait on the boil.

With apologies to Landrover, Daily Practice is simply "The best 2 x 2 x 2 x far!"


Dave - What a wonderful success story! Thanks so much for your kind words about the program (check is in the mail). :-)

Dave - What a wonderful success story! Thanks so much for your kind words about the program (check is in the mail). :-)

I initially found 2W2aB hard work because I was fighting against myself every step of the way.

By forcing myself to get past my ingrained reluctance, I'm now focusing all my efforts in the same direction it's getting easier day by day!

Rob - Thanks for sharing. I often say that what separates good and great managers is that great managers do things that other don't/won't. I think the same with success and breakthroughs. Perseverance and resilve are critical and make a big difference.

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