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It's probably cheating to use this as one of my announcements, but it'll serve as a good intro too...

I'm a member of the Z team, and I'm looking to break through into writing a novel. I've started it (barely), so part of my goal is to create the time needed to work on it (instead of doing silly procrastinatory stuff).

So, that's one announcement. I also told my girlfriend; even though she already knew, I presented my intention in the form of "This will get done." I also made (a somewhat half-hearted) request of her to try to figure out some time that I can set aside to write. I've kind of already decided that the morning will be my time, since I've got about 45 minutes - 1 hour before she gets up to do nothing but write. It's hard right now since I've got some work to get done by the end of the week, and my temptation is to work on that instead of doing my writing (at least I'm not procrastinating with stuff that doesn't matter, though!)

I also joined 4 writers groups on Google Groups. This should allow me to make requests this week or the next to do something exchange draft chapters with other writers.

With the length of this comment it's almost like I should get my own blog!

Nels: I like your "This shall be," perspective and your willingness to create a support structure that helps you past the tendency to let other things come before your writing. Great start! Please share the writing groups you joined with your team, as this might be helpful to other writers in the program,

Wow, being a sports fan (hockey) and a person who likes to use sports analogies, the differentiation between on the court and in the stands is so dead on, it will certainly find a way into my manner speaking; although I hope I am using it already, time for a little self analysis.

I sent out a request for a chat with a friend of mine who is now President of a PR agency which was granted. We will chat in two weeks.

Great start, Sebastian! We all sit in the stands sometimes, and that's OK. But we want to be on the court when it matters and when we are trying to make something happen.

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