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I think C "I'm getting ready" describes me very well. Of course, for writing a book, I think a plan is good. But I also spend a lot of time reading about writing. Not as helpful. I'm definitely a Stargazer. Today, though, I broke out and wrote about 300 words. That's pretty good considering I had to take my girlfriend to a retirement banquet (not for her), and then we're going out with some friends after that (very shortly).

With my efforts last week, and my drive this week, it seems that the writing is coming a lot easier. I wrote the 300 words fairly quickly. No more waiting for inspiration to come, I am creating it now. :)

Nels - I think you will find that once your get the writing machine revving, it will be hard to stop. And you are right - if we wait for inspiration to write, there would be no books!

Agreed - I think "C" sums up my biggest weakness in this area too. Two of the biggest drags I have noticed on my progress towards personal goals are:

(1) Lack of external accountability and deadlines. My day job is demanding, and very deadline-driven. At the end of the day I'm exhausted and just want to relax. It is far too easy to slack off and let personal goals slip when you are responsible only to yourself. My action plan for this is to create more external accountability by involving more people outside myself in the goals.

(2) Information overload. There is SO MUCH information available to us today --with practically no effort-- that it is easy to spend hours->days->weeks researching with little concrete forward movement to show for it. This one can also be addressed with greater external accountability, I believe.

By the way -- I feel that awareness of these issues is, in itself, a bit of a breakthrough. It came pre-program, but from reading through the workbook received before starting. I am confident that it will lead to much higher personal productivity on the goals I've outlined, as I'm already noticing some impact from just my first couple of requests.

Paul - I could not agree with you more - there is far too much information that CAN soak up our time and energy. I have started cutting back on some of my feeds because I found I was spending too much time on them. I am thrilled that the requests are yielding some impact for you!

Wow, what a day in the program. It is tough when all your issues are pointed out very concisely. I am an information junkie, believing that loads of good magazines and websites need to be at least glanced through/at, even with RSS that takes me about 30 minutes a day.
Since my concepts are supposed to be mostly in the area of social media etc., one of my strategies is to practice their usage. Currently, one of my blogs seems to have a Google issue which I don't know where that came from. Also, I have started to use a flickr-tag to collect pictures from my wedding from various persons which seems to be a grant idea I think - especially since I subscribed to the RSS feed of the tag. (it's "hochzeitchristianesebastian" in case you are interested - but STOP: you should be spending your time on 2W2aB).
Lisa, in regard to writing, I did a bit yesterday and wrote some lenghty e-mails which were related to some PR-concepts which I had put off writing. I hope that counts, too.

Sebastian - Yes, it all counts and congratulations on your insights.

Day 2 was frustrating. One of those hamster wheel days at work got me all worked up. [ALL I needed was a little information, which was supposed to have been overnighted to me, but was instead 2day 'aired', doing me no good at all and as I left the office fuming, they were trying to fax it all to my voice number...I left after the 12th ring, couldn't TAKE it anymore...GRRR] That aside, I went home, put on some music and started in to write, and was then interrupted by my daughter.

But, I did do my daily practice. Since I'm not trying to build a business and need only to get off my own duff to advance my goal, I'm having a problem with requests. Telling is not a problem for me. Everyone who knows me knows I'm writing a novel. I did hit upon something today that might work for the writers among us. I asked two people to ask me when they see me if I've written today.

For actions, I did write AND made a list of inconsistencies in the novel so far that I need to resolve.

Having been involved in ADD work for some 5 years, I think I know who the experts are. But what I realised recently, is that the keepers of the wisdom are the people who implement aspects of wisdom in their lives. What I am try to say, is that when I coach ADD poeople, and use the accepted wisdom to develop behaviour changes with and for them, the consequences of that implementation is great wisdom. Even if it does not work first time round, it is still wisdom. Because it is only when wisdom is implemented in an individual, that it truly becomes wisdom. A simpler way to say this would be to recognize that we are all individuals , and what is wisdom for one, is not necessarily wisdom for another.

My area of resistance has always been the detail. As I approach the area to do battle with the detail, it is almost as if there is a powerful force that pushes me away from it. I will normally find any excuse to delay tackling details. This last week has shown me a more powerful force than the detail magnet - I now have so many people excited by what I have said, and who are expecting content and follow up from me, that to disappoint them by not delivering has become unthinkable. Once I start on the details though, I find it easy to finish.

As you can see from the above, "C" would normally describe me, but this last week it has all been "B"

@idylldiane: You could ask people to read the first five pages of a chapter. I'd be willing. You could also ask people to check your facts/help with your research.

I'm having a heck of a time with the tell two people/make two requests part of the challenge. For some reason, I'm really embarrassed by my goal, to finish my non-fiction book.

I think part of it is that so many people want to write a book, it feels sort of like a "me to" goal and I'm uncomfortable with that. But, otherwise, it seems strange to be embarrassed by a goal...

Yesterday I told the people in the dentist's office--they're usually a receptive audience (because whatever you tell them, they typically say, "oh, really? that's so interesting."). But I'm not at all sure who to tell today.

The daily actions have been the easiest for me to complete. Haven't yet done them for today, but I'll be writing at least 2000 words and working the site for the book (which is really more a reward for doing the writing, but it also needs to be done).

For Idylldiane: It is interesting that you say that you are not starting a business. I once read an article on Wilbur Smith and his programme for writing. After breakfast he would go into his study where he wrote, he sometimes even put on a jacket and tie, and he wrote until noon. He would then take any messages and make phone calls until lunch time. After lunch he would go into the study and write until 4 or 5pm. He also spent 4-6 months of the year only doing research. He never wrote during that time, although he sometimes made notes on characterizations. etc, but he didn't write. He then wrote for 3 or four months, with a secretary to check the odd fact or bit of research. Then he had a holiday for the rest of the year.

His application of business planning prinicples certainly helped him in his writing. Hope this helps you. I would also be willing to read what you have written so far.

Diane: you are making progress and I am glad you were able to force yourself to write and work on your book after your frustrating day!

Dave: It is amazing how making commitments to others can help us get things done! Great progress.

Jessica: You might try communicating your goal and making requests as it relates to the promotion and selling of your book. Ask other self published authors to share their lessons learned and tips for getting the word out about your book. Perhaps writing a book is common in your circles, but don't diminish your goal! It is an amazing accomplishment to complete and offer a book. I would recommend sharing more with other authors. Perhaps you can contact authors who have used the same printer you intend to use and ask about their experience. 2000 words is an excellent accomplishment for the day!

I met with a couple of old friends today and explained my goal to them, they were all supportive and believed that it was well within my reach.

My main resistance is in making requests - it takes a lot of work, but I seem to be getting better with practice.

Work has been pretty busy for the a few days, so I've not had as much time for the program as I'd like, but here comes the weekend!

Rob - Requests are a challenge for many people, but like you have found they get easdier to make. Good luck this weekend - Play Big!

"C" really resonates with me as well. I'm a strong planner, and even enjoy the process at times. Unfortunately, I get way too wrapped up in it, and it replaces actual execution.

Momentum is so critical for me. The power of the group, and having a cool coach like Lisa in my corner, is support that fuels my momentum. So far so good, I think.

Curtis: You have made excellent progress in the first few days and I look forward to seeing what you create in 14!

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