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I've been making more requests today, it does get easier with practice.

Took a somewhat tangential action and fitted blackout linings in the bedroom, a decent night's sleep is the best start to a productive day!

Damn! today I've figured out that my goal is unrealistic (in such a short period of time). Acutally I've found a lot of responses from guys that were trying to reach exactly the same goal - preapre for CompTIA Project+ exam and pass it in 2 weeks and most of them fail (well some of them passed but they've had 15+ years of expirience in Project Management).
Today I've ordered 2 more books from amazon and extended my plan from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Hopefully that would be enough.
Argh... it's like setting a goal and expecting that it would be easy to reach it but in the middle of the way you understand that you will need three times more time and more hardwork.

Rob - Getting your environment to support your goal is critical for sure! I am glad the requests are getting easier for you.

Oleg - This certification is important to you, so it is great that you were able to get advice from others in your situation.

Lisa wrote "get wickedly organized for a full goal assault on Monday AM."

So I did, and I uncovered a hidden gem while cleaning up my files - I tried to trackback, but it didn't work - I think there is a bug in my WordPress instal - another thing to sort out.

I guess some of the stuff I am doing seems pretty oblique - I am not just charging bullishly towards the goal, but the results are starting to show now.

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