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Hi everybody,
I have been in and out the last few days. My upcoming move is interfering with my work as I have to make arrangements and pack a 3-room flat until next Sunday while working full-time. However, I take it as breakthrough that so far everything is running smoothly and ahead of schedule, knock on wood.
In addition, I was told that I should keep going the direction I am going in my agency, meaning the integration of social media (weblogs, wikis, bookmark sharing) in our PR-practice. And that I am of value to the agency. This basically was one of my goals (strengthen my position in the agency).
As far as "giving back" is concerned, I did that and people were happy.
Happy people everywhere.

Sebastian: We love happy people! I am glad that you are feeling progress, validation, and success.

yesterday I got a call from my neighbour who locked herself out with her cat, asking when I'd be home from work (I have a key to her flat). I said in about 75 minutes, but since I work only 5 minutes from home, I could come home and let her in. Did that and made her day. Sure, it's no professional application, but made me feel like a boy scout nonetheless.

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