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First of all I would like to thank Lisa for taking me in. That was a nice experiment for me :)
Now about my expirience:
* My goals. I've started with one goal and ended up with two. Actually I've moved first one a little bit and second one suddenly became basic. I also found a mentor! I would say that a breakthrough (a few maybe!).
* Daily practice. It was a tuff period for me so my daily practice wasn't real daily practice. I've studied every second (sometimes every third) day. But I think that is ok.
* Requests! Yes! They've helped me. As I wrote before I've found a mentor! First time in my professional life other person (not book or not my ambitions) will lead me. Not sure yet, but I hope it is a breakthrough. Hopefully a big one.
* Likes/dislikes. Not sure about that one, but since I've had tuff times at my work so it wasn't nice when I see 3 or 4 unread letters from Lisa or my group in my inbox and I realize that I am missing something. So my suggestion: please make sure that you'll have enough time,a otherwise you'll blame yourself.
* Recomendations. I would recommend this program for people that are stuck in a moment and just can't make a decision what to do to improve their life. I believe that it also works in many other ways, but I've tried that one and I liked the results.

P.S. Sorry for my English (it's my second foreig language).

Best regards,

Oleg: Thanks so much for the feedback and I wish you the best of luck on your exam and with your career!

I never expected to get as much out of this program as I did, and I'm very glad I got the chance to take part.

I experienced lots of breakthroughs in various areas, and I'm definitely coming out of it more aware of how to make my goal happen.

My favourite part of the program was when I finally started getting results! The hardest part was pushing myself to make the efforts that lead to the results.

I'd definitely recommend the program to others, but I'd second Oleg's point that you need to put time into it to get the best results - all those requests and actions don't do themselves...

Rob: Thanks for your open and eager participation! I agree, results feel sweet.

Let me answer the specific questions first.
Q1. Did you experience any breakthroughs?
I had a breakthrough of massive proportions - directly as a result of being committed to doing my Daily Practice properly (See my posts somewhere on this blog)

Q2. Did you enjoy the program?
I really enjoyed the programme, especially the sharing and interaction with others - even when that interaction wasn't to me specifically.

Q3. What were your favorite, least favorite parts of the program?
It might sound twee - but I enjoyed the whole programme. What I didn't enjoy though was the group members who didn't participate. Even if they were lurking and not posting, I think the experience would have been richer having the additional points of view.

Q4 What recommendations do you have for improving the program?
I think it should be a condition that you have to post at least every second day, or get booted off the programme. I would have preferred more one-on-one Skype sessions - I found those very encouraging.

Q5. Would you recommend he program to others?
I already have. There is no downside to the programme - you will get more out of it than what you put into it.

Team Y had some really interesting people in it, and I am a better person for having interacted with them. It is not only their skills that were valuable, it was their perspectives and understanding of what others were going through. Thomas and Ashkay from Team K were welcome visitors who provided great encouagement in the first few days.

Simply put, when the opportunity comes around again, grab it with both hands and immerse yourself for two weeks. You have a lot to gain and very little to lose - except some sleep!



Thanks so much for your thoughts and kind words about the program. I agree with you that it would have been nice to hear from everyone. Your goal to help people is wonderful and I hope our paths cross again!

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