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Thank you Lisa for an entertaining and valuable one-on-one this morning [Australian time].

It rekindled my gut feeling about the value of sharing your objectives, especially with someone who knows nothing about your existing projects or ideas.

You're forced to spell out what you're actually on about, and in the process there is often an 'aha' moment.

Sometimes when talking to friends or colleagues you use conversational shorthand that comes from shared knowledge and circumstances and this can actually have a negative impact on your plans or ideas as you never really get to discussing the detail.

Following our talk [and isn't Skype wonderful — and free], I'm certainly rethinking my goals today — a variation on my original outline, but more focussed — and will share it later.

Allan: Thanks for sharing your insights on the value of communicating what you are up to. I think you are right, getting outside your network can be very good sometimes! And yes, Skype is great!

Lisa - thank you for your time today; I really enjoyed the conversation. I think I have a relatively focused goal, but as discussed, I'm not in the habit of discussing it with people, or asking others for input or assistance (both habits I absolutely need to cultivate.) I therefore have high hopes that this exercise will be very fruitful for me, and in the process create one or more "breakthroughs." I look forward to discussing it as I progress. Thanks again for the opportunity.

Allan - beautiful website ( Did you develop it yourself?

Paul - You have a great goal and seem clear about what you want. I look forward to seeing how sharing your goal and enrolling others helps you gain velocity!

Thank you, Lisa for the phone call. We talked about how being addicted to online activities and 'getting organized' can get in the way of creativity.

Of course, the first thing I did was to make a chart to track my daily practice for the 2-week period of the Breakthrough training. But perhaps that's permissable. I've got lots of ideas for requests and actions and I'm determined to write at least 30 minutes Every Day.

Up and running!

I used day 1 as a springboard for the rest of the two weeks - I don't have a fixed timetable but I'm working out the list of actions I need to take, and by focusing on a couple per day, I've found that it really takes very little effort.

Thanks have to go to you Lisa, for this program and the kickstart in the phonecall!

Diane and Rob - Great start and I am glad you have jumped right in there!

Hi Lisa,

Many, many thanks for yesterday's phone call--hearing about your own struggle getting your second book completed was so helpful for me, especially when you said that you decided that the book was just your perspective--that it didn't have to be the "official, one and only resource" on the topic :-).

So, yesterday I reread everything I'd written and realized that it was all such a jumble. As I wrote the first draft, I'd gotten so many new ideas that ... well, the first draft was just not at all working.

Today I started over (not exactly from scratch, but mostly) and I wrote throughout the day (clients kept calling and I kept picking up the phone...). I've now gotten 3009 words written (though that includes the title page and such) and am really excited about tomorrow.

This is actually how I used to approach my long college papers (though I'd forgotten about that)--I'd write the whole thing in advance and then the night before they were due I always decided I hated them and would stay up all night writing a new paper. Not the best way to turn in a *polished* piece, but I guess I have to write my ideas out in long form before they really crystallize for me. (I'm now so far from the original outline for this book it's like they're two completely separate projects!)

Sorry to ramble on so! But I really, really appreciate this kick and can't wait to see how far I get in the next two weeks.

I have actually been busy launching my new venture for the last two weeks. I am doing it on my own. There is a short summary on the YTeam Group. I have set myself five specific goals to achieve over the period of this 2Weeks2Breakthrough.

Earlier this evening I was invited to hijack (sounds silly but it is true) a talk on ADD to some forty people. I grabbed the opportunity with everything I could. I had taken around thirty business cards - I didn't have enough.

There is a good lesson to be learned from this. I nearly didn't go - I had to travel a considerable distance in stormy weather and I set out late. But I realised that even if I only managed to sign up one person, that is one less person I have to reach, but more importantly, I needed to convince that person to become a salesperson for me.

My investment in being disciplined has already paid for itself. My first goal is to have a small group up and running within the 2 weeks. After tonights event, I have the core of the group, now I have to create and deliver the content for them to use in the group over the next few weeks.

My overall goal is for me to manage the detail - I am very comfortable in the big picture and am good at implementing, but I drown in the detail. Doing detail work is like drinking cod liver oil - I gotta hold my nose closed to get it over and done with - it's hard to breath!

During next week I need to get the base content of my web site up. I would like to make the URL available to get your imput and comments before I let it loose on the greater audience out there.

Lisa - this is a great programme and it's a great privelege to be part of it. To do this on a global scale is really great. I am looking forward enormously to tasting the many different cultural flavours that will spice up our time together!

Jessica: This is wonderful! Your comment oozes energy and focus and I am thrilled that you had a great day of writing! I can't wait to read your helpful book.

Dave: Thanks for your kind words. Your project is fabulous and I am pleased that we can be a small part of your support system! I can tell that you are going to make great things happen and help many people.


Thank you so much for our conversation on the phone: It was not only helpful in clarifying my goal, but it also provided me with an aha moment--insasmuch I hate making request, I discovered that, in the past, talking with other people has always helped me put flesh on bony ideas, which is exactly what happened during our conversation...

About the first day: I basically combined the "telling" and "requesting" parts by asking 3 people to give me 30 minutes: 5 minutes to listen to my goal of starting a translation business; 10 minutes for them to ask me any question about my presentation; and 15 minutes for feedback, advice, and any other people they know that might be interested in hearing me out or helping me.

I was surprised at how easy that went, in spite of my fears, Two of the people are friends, one is a casusal acquaintance. Everybody was very helpful and I got about 2 dozens names and a ton of ideas.

My 2 actions: I researched how to set up a blog and listed what I would need in terms of equipment and software.

I hope I will be able to keep up the energy generated by this first day and complete the whole program

Sanders - I KNOW you can keep up the energy and finish the program because you are ozzing passion and resolve. Yes, we need great practices and action to move from idea to results, but that's the fun of this process. Congratulations on a great first day!

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