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I liked the playing with my goal today--it gave me some additional options when it comes to sharing, which is something I'm still finding a bit challenging.

I wrote my 2000 words today, though I didn't write at all over the weekend. So, I'm now on to Part Two tomorrow, which is pretty exciting.

Lisa, you'd mentioned that I could get started on talking to other writers about possible promotions for when the book is published, and I really think this is a great idea, but felt like it was almost "cheating" since the goal itself is to get the book written...

Jessica - Congrats on getting 2000 words written and I am glad you had fun playing with your goal. You may find that engaging in conversation about other writers helps to motivate you to get the book done and out there. You are so close, and I look forward to seeing it!

> You can only make the shots you take.

That's a very good line. I may need to tape it up on my monitor!

I read somewhere that Michael Jordan missed more shots than anyone else in the league over the course of his career, and that similarly Babe Ruth had more strikeouts.

Being a perfectionist at heart, these are valuable lessons for me to remember.

"Show me someone who hasn't failed, and I'll show you someone who hasn't tried hard enough." :-)

I'm working on increasing my productivity - and thereby increasing the throughput of my requests and acts. 2 a day per the Daily Practice minimum - but as many as time and schedule will allow. Hopefully should equal more failures and more successes. We'll see!

The national lottery in the UK changed their advertising slogan from "it could be you" to "you have to be in it to win it." The whole ad campaign revolves around those people who dream of winning but don't buy a ticket because the odds are so ridiculous. Then lady luck whispers in their ears "your chances of winning are considerably increased if you buy a ticket." I am not a Lotto fan, but I like the new sentiment: you can only make the shots you take.

Tom Peters writes about "Fail. Forward. Fast"

I am sending an update on requests, actions and sharing to the Yahoo Group.

Paul and Adrian - thanks for the additional inspiration!

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