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Read an interesting passage in an article in this month's Outside Magazine, which I could see correlates to some of the "internal" challenges you (just me?) can come across in a program such as this. The article was entitled "The Calculus of Risk", authored by Mark Jenkins, and explored the differences between perceived and actual risks in outdoor sport, as perceived by the participants. The quote was "Disaster can strike when you overestimate your ability and underestimate the real risk. Conversely, undervaluing your skills and overestimating the risk - thus amplifying irrational fear- can be so inhibiting that chances are good you won't try at all, or fail in your attempt, confirming what wasn't true in the first place."

I finally plucked up the courage to talk to a potential client today. It went well and I'll hopefully be working with them soon!

It's all thanks to these words:
>> In person is best (Best results, gets you out there, puts your goal more powerfully in the world, the other person is more likely to grant the request or at least offer something)

Just being able to go up to someone and ask like I did today is something I've NEVER been able to do before, but every time I felt like putting it off, those words kept coming back to haunt me!

Rob - Just what every coach wants to hear - that their word haunt you! :-) Excellent progress, congratulations.

Chris - Sounds like a great article, I will check it out. Risk is a balancing act, for sure.

I "accidentally" skipped yesterday (it was my birthday, so I met up with friends at about 11:30 for an early lunch and just never quite made it back to the office...).

So, today I've been catching up on lots of work but this request blitz sounds like a lot of fun--I'll make a list of people and requests I could make and start on that tomorrow--can't wait to see what might happen!

And, I'll definitely get to today's 2000 words before shutting off the computer.

Jessica - I would skip on my b-day too, I hope you enjoyed it!

Okay, so Jessica is obviously kicking my butt with her 2000 words. I did take the time to figure out approximately how long some of my favorite novels are, and have readjusted my goal (it's 575 words/day for a year now). I've actually been pretty close to that over the past week. I've also managed to make some requests (good for me since I'm an introvert) and recruit a couple "alpha readers" for my novel.

I've been really busy in and out of work, so I have been skimping on the daily practice, but I also recognize that it can be a great help. My workload is not letting up, but my personal load is, so I should have more time this week to put things into practice.

Nels - Good work. Let me know if you could benefit from another "nudge" via phone! :-)

575 words... hmmm. My goal is just to open the file. Then, I can pretty much depend on something happening.

I've been writing, and I had a breaththrough on plot.

Diane: A breakthrough on plot? Excellent! I am glad you are writing and moving forward.

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