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What if I approached the writers of the two blogs I read most? What if I read them because the writers combine PR and social media perfectly, something I wish to accomplish myself?
I devised a set of questions (dealing with my goal - to work time-efficiently) and asked them if they would take the time to answer them. And they agreed!
Now I just need to find someone who is a real techwiz when it comes to blogs...
Thanks Lisa.

I did my writing today and yesterday, had to, because I had an internal presentation today, explaining weblogs to my colleagues. It went quite well, got some good comments and ideas for other concepts.

Sebastian - great stuff. I am constantly amazed how eager many people are to share ideas and contribute to our goals.

I was flagging a bit yesterday, but a couple of my requests really paid off - the most useful was a really comprehensive email from someone who already works in the usability field, which was a big boost.

I got a lot of advice about the business side of it, which is the big thing for me - I can do the work, I just need to set up the support structure that enables me to do it!

Rob: all it takes is a couple granted requests to get the momentum going. Getting your context aligned to help you achieve your goal, like a support structure is critical. Great progress!

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