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I completely agree with your insights on this level of creativity. Part of what I think can contribute to this zone is creating the right environment. I know in my own home, when I close the door on my home office and the music and light are just right - the zone appears.

Like a child having a "safe space" - my home office is my place to contemplate, be myself and get perspective on things. In order for it to be more of that kind of space - I really limit my actual "workplace" work and use it as a place for regeneration.

I also recommend putting up pictures and images that inspire and bring good moods. By stimulating all the senses - light, sound, visual - you can teach yourself to get in the mood you describe.

How did I get to this place and realize how to make itk for me? I read an article about 6 years ago by a design engineer for Herman Miller Furniture who designed his home to have multiple spaces for key activities in his life. He had one desk in his bedroom for writing, another personal space for designing, another for home bills. Each space helped him get into the zone as he described it. My recommendation - design your space(s) to fit your personality, patterns and behavior - you can learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Yes, visuals are important too. Designing zones sounds like a smart approach. Right now I do not have a good space for reading, and need to fix this!

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