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This is such a great webcast Lisa! Your 10 points are on the mark, and I'll be putting this into action soon. The pictures are powerful too. Thanks for putting this together and sharing it with us. And another book next year for you? WOW! I will be building a wing in my library for just your books!

Phil - Yippee! I am so glad you like it. "..wing in my library..." very funny.

Hi Lisa,

I absolutely loved the podcast. The techniques though simple rely on some very powerful psychological processes and human realities. They help you move from individual fledgling efforts to an inspirational movement- and isn't that what breakthroughs are about!

Astha - Thanks so much for the feedback. I am glad you enjoyed the webcast. Yes, the techniques are simple - that's why I want to share them broadly.

Outstanding, Lisa! You continue improving this program everytime you deliver it.

Having completed your "2 Weeks 2 a Breakthrough Program," the first three items on my daily schedule are: 2-shares, 2-requests, and 2 actions. I don't go to the next scheduled item until these three are compelted.

The results are astounding. Everyday, I receive something back from a share, request, or action I completed weeks ago. Your program gives new meaning to "perpetual motion."

I really like the webcast. It's portability and time-shifting attributes will help more people benefit from your message.

The running time (26 minutes) is perfect. I "chunked" 30 minutes and that gave me time to listen and write this feedback. Perfect!

The webcast works best when you present examples by telling stories. For instance, the difference between wanting to lose weight and adopting an active life style. You might try punctuating this with a few questions to "involve" your listeners.

You could ask them to write their goal [pause] and then ask if they could be more specific [pause]. You could follow that later with asking them to write the names of two people who will learn about this goal within the next 24 -hours [pause]. Converting a passive listener to an active listener will increase comprehension and buy-in.

I'm not familiar with Camtasia's audio features, but I use Audacity (open source software) for editing podcasts, an MSL V63M microphone, and a Eurorack UB1202 mixing board (total investment of about $130) to produce good quality audio. A better quality audio track would improve the listener's experience.

Once again, you're generosity is overwhelming. Sharing this program with the blogoshere exeplifies your caring and compassion for others. You're a wonderful spirit and I consistently thank you and honor you for your special energy.


Scott: Thanks for the feedback and the ideas for improving the next cast. The sound quality is an area of frustration for me, so thanks for the ideas there too.


I loved the Breakthrough material in "More Space", and was thrilled to see the refinement that went into this latest presentation!

I blogged that enthusiasm and got linked by Forbes' Business Innovation Insider. Hopefully you'll garner lots more devotees in the near future.

Thanks for sharing this with all of us,


Wow - that's cool and adds more fuel to the notion of the power of sharing! Thanks so much!

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