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I love it!
I also love the color yellow. It's very eye catching!

AWESOME Cover Lisa! And I too love the yellow! Can't wait to read this one!

Thanks Phil - glad you like it.

I love it! It's fantastic! If I saw it in a bookstore I would absolutely pick it up and chek it out. No kidding!

LOL - that's "check" it out. Still not kidding. :)

EM - Great to hear that you find the cover striking!


Have been meaning to congratulate you on your first book, and now I have two to say, "well done" for.

I'm impressed and wish you all the best with them. (And way to go on the butterfly!)

Mark Horstman

Mark - thanks so much!

I really liked your first book, (Focus Like a Laser Beam) and have mentioned it in several of my audiences as you can't be clear, compelling, valuable and frequently-quoted until you get specific about who you are, what you offer and to whom.

You provide a non-intimidating, practical and even enjoyable way to achieve focus and keep it.


Your next book sounds like aa natural companion to this one. I can imagine your offering a mini-seminar (30 mintues, then Q & A) at bookstores, highlighting your two books and three companion books (to boost more sales for the bookstore).

Suggest that the store display all books and your handout a month before and after your appearance at the store, offer a companion e-booklet to all buyers who get both your books + provide one-to-three sentence mini-reviews of the companion books (citing you, author of ...) for the bookstores to put on the shelves underneath wher those companion books are stacked.

This approach made me feel like a real partner with the store owners/managers and helped me stay in touch with them... and keep my books on display and selling longer.

Thanks, Kare, for the feedback and ideas.

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