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Greetings from the Windy City . . .

It takes more than a couple months of silence before I stop monitoring any of your feeds.

Congratulations on your successes with your Big Requests and thank you for sharing. I need reminding about the Big Request timing thing!

I'll share this blog URL with all our Magellan Affiliates and urge them to participate as they prepare for their 2007 Breakthroughs.

I've accepted a new challenge with Virtuoso that will take me to your beautiful part of the world on a regular basis. We'll have to plan a few latte-centric Breakthrough meetings!

All the best,

Scott - that's awesome. I look forward to connecting soon.

Whee-haw! I'm glad this blog is back! :-)

I kept this feed on my list becuase I am a loyal reader of Management Craft. I find your posts very useful and informative so I did not want to miss a potential post here!

I am working on a breakthrough myself for 2007 and will potetntially be changing up several things.

Sign me,
Eagerly Waiting

Eagerly: Yes, lets all make 2007 a year for changing things up in a positive way! Thanks for tuning in.

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