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Sometimes there's something deeper going on here. I blogged ( )and dialogued with a heap of people about this recently. I really love your post. I wonder sometimes if the dwindling thing is symptomatic of a deeper "funk" (to quote your friend); your list will be very helpful in addressing it, so will stopping and reorienting life around values and dreams.

Pete - thanks for the link. Sure, there might be a deeper funk at the roots and I will leave it up to professionals to advise there. But even so, I find a great way to get out is to act - even if it feels like slidging through mud.

Totally agree. When I was a church minister, people were constantly telling me they had depression. Not one of them needed medication (in my opinion - though I know there are people who do); when they acted (as you say), they improved and so did "Life".

It's always worked for me.

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