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What if you didn't write this?

What if someone prints out this email and puts it in 5 people's mailboxes at work?

What if you spent 5 minutes creating your own what if list (the good kind)?

What if we stopped asking our spouses or partners the limiting what if questions and starting asking them the empowering kind?

BRAVO, Lisa!! This is BIGGER SMALL TALK at its best!! These are the kinds of questions we will be distributing during our Bigger Small Talk Summit - which you will kick off with the motorcycle tour! Thanks for refocusing the conversation here to what is POSSIBLE on the positive side!

This is a remarkable site and it is going on my blogroll in a few minutes. I was directed here through my daily GTD perusal, where I saw the "Breakthrough" video at SlackerManager and clicked over here. Thank you for the terrific posts and inspiration.

My comment on this post: My wife will sometimes ask a negative "What if..." question about something that we are considering, to which I respond,"What if a meteor falls from the sky and crushes us?" It tends to break her free from the negative viewpoint.

Stephen - Thanks so much and thanks for reading. Best of luck breaking through!

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