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Aha! I did find myself in the Envy Seat today! (It's in the bleachers, right, Lisa? Not on the floor, in the game.) I was painfully struck with envy sitting in Starbucks in my local Haggen supermarket finishing up my read of Breakthrough.

Thank you so much for this post. It grabbed me out of the Envy Seat and into gratitude! I am grateful for the incredible work you are doing and its impact on my life and work. And, I admire you and the qualities you bring to your work.

I live in the Northwest. I want to meet you. I'm going to email you and I'd love it if you would respond to a couple of questions I have about your work.

Joy in learning, work and health,
Kate Williams

Kate - You are so right, envy is in the stands, nosebleed section. I am so glad that you are enjoying the book and exploration. Feel free to email anytime.

Hi Lisa, your comments about envy and criticism got me thinking and increased my awareness. I remembered a time that I wrote a some critical feedback to a presenter and I felt so righteous about it. As I look back now I see envy as the sneaky underpinning. So yes sometime criticism is out of envy. I have seen myself criticised out of my own self-doubt or out of some ego need.

I have learned to check things with my heart before I share them. I need to feel if my heart expands with what I want to share or if it contracts. If it expands that is a good sign. Contracting means compassion is needed.

Big doses of appreciation is the best.

I write about life, purpose, passion, peace and consciousness at Check me out and let me know what you think? Joseph

Thanks Joseph, we will check out your blog!

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