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1. Well for Milwaukee at least cruise past the Milwaukee Art Museum it is a very impressive building on our lakefront.
2. Well a lot of the highways in town are torn up right now so you may wish to take more city streets, though I don't know the details as something always being opened and something else closed. (ramps I mean).
3. Well Alterra on the lake is a very popular coffee shop and has decent food.
4. Northwest side.
5. Well you should definitely check out the Brady St neighborhood as well as Cathedrial Square downtown and the Third Ward.

Dave - I have a day in Milwaukee to decompress, so the art museum sounds like a great idea, thanks.

When you're in Salt Lake City, you *MUST* stop at Tony Caputo's for a sandwich. You can find him at the corner of 300 West and 300 South downtown.

Marina - Well if I must I WILL! Thanks for the tip.

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