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Dear Lisa,

It was so wonderful to have you here in Boise, and to meet you for the first time. Nothing like having a virtual colleague and finding the person is even better face-to-face than digitally.

You were a big hit here, and I think one of the reasons was the combination message of "breaking through" and "You can do it!" In my book, "The Manager as Motivator," which you so kindly interviewed me about, I have a whole principle related to willpower, because so often we talk about the great idea (or charged up motivation) and then underplay the goal pursuit (willpower) part.

Your stories - like how you moved to Seattle - were powerful not just because of the flapping, but also because of the execution. I think many in audience were amazed at the Motorcycle Yoga breakthrough and then that you would actually follow through and write it - and here it is!

Anyway, we loved you here and congrats on your successful trip!


Thanks, Michael! I really enjoyed the Boise group and it was great to get to know you in person.

Hi Lisa!

Just want to thank you for a great evening here in Boise. The book is fabulous! I started my two week adventure and will keep you posted along the way. Listening to you speak about the amazing results of flapping along your trip got me going with my own.

What I loved was that a lot of it had to do with being brave enough to just say what is on your mind! Don't wait! Like your friend and her book!

Thank you again for stopping in our neck of the woods. Glad you made it home safe. I have purchased two additonal books and shared them with friends!

Flap! Flap! Flap!
Ranae Hughes

Ranae - I am so glad you are on your way. I think courage is often a great catalyst for breakthroughs!

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