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This is a very interesting concept in today's "always on" world. I think the 5/95 rule is a great way to organize around the most important goal you have right now.

There is also a related concept that works with 48-minutes -- the 48-minute hour. The idea is to shut out all distractions, instant messenger contacts, phone calls and e-mail and just work one thing for the 48-minutes and then take a 12-minute break.

And because you mention the 80/20 rule, I can't help myself: using the 5/95 rule to get to 48-minutes working on your goal also results in 48-minutes being 80% of an hour.

So you really get back to the 80/20 rule all over again!

Good post; good concept here (and the book is good too; I'm in the process of reading it...)

Scott - it did not occur to me that 48 minutes was 80%....The notion of focusing for 48 minutes is right up my alley, though, it would be considered chunking, which I talked about in Focus Like a Laser Beam (other people call it other things, I certainly did not make it up).

Thanks for furthering the conversation, I like your thinking on this!

As an over-doer multi-tasker, I find 5/95 very refreshing, and in fact, what I often do to "really" get something done.

great insight.


Yep - I am in a 5/95 mode this week on a couple projects!

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