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Thanks for this. I read slow leadership but have been in scan mode lately and missed this one.

I know the author is speaking mostly about professional goals, but in my experience this applies to personal goals as well.

I've personally noticed it most strongly in romantic relationships. We grow up with this culturally induced understanding of what it means to be in a “good relationship” (i.e. Marriage, big diamond, 2.2 kids, high earning husband, beautiful wife) and then work towards the trappings of that relationship–rather than building it from the inside out.

For me at least it was only when I was no longer willing to stick with a relationship at all costs–when I could imagine a great life for myself with or without the partner in question did that partnership really take off. I'm wildly happy now, but it's nothing like I imagined a good relationship to look or feel like.

Hi Lisa

Thanks for this sharing this quote from Adrian and allowing me to discover another blog in the process.

The 'provocative snippet' is something that I often tell clients when they come to us with their dreams for Italy. Finding out what the main component of the dream or goal is is far more important than all the frills.

Am looking forward to reading your book.

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