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August 25, 2004


Great insight to coachability and breakthroughs. The technology I use to get breakthroughs provides me access in the context of possibility...does this sound familiar?

I have it that being uncoachable is neither good or bad, rather just what's so...and as you wrote it shifts from moment to moment.

When dealing with the work place and management you must be very clear in setting up a coaching context. As a coach, if you are not clear in being a commitment for the coachee, this could cause the uncoachability. Agree - disagree?

If in fact you are writing regarding coachability within transformation, there is also the distinction of being in the community's listening...background of relatedness and hence coachability.

Thanks so much for putting this out there...I look forward to more opporunities to contribute and I am coachable at this moment. Thank you for being open to my comments. Looking for feedback...

I love being able to build on my teaching skills by observing other teachers. I have only taught for 3 years now and each year I have improved by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of others. I love the positive skills and techniques of my collegues to build upon my own. When I first became a teacher I made mistakes, but through those times it allowed me to grow. It took a lot of coaching and coachability to improve my career. Being able to look at what others did best allowed me to develope a greater passion for teaching. I wanted to make education the best for my students and help them create a thirst for learning. I love being able to use collaboration to enhance my working environment and I am glad we can all work as a team.

Thank you for a clear explanation of coachability from the bottom up.

I am one of those guys that finds my own opinion more valuable than others'. It leads to hypercriticism. Blech!

Points that stuck:
1) remain open to ideas
2) constantly learning
3) comes in waves (plan around weak times)
4) a good coach is up front about this expectation and takes care of his/her team


-> "success comes easily and quickly"? not necessarily
-> "in an instant"? sometimes with an epiphany, but does require discipline to break down self determination and bad habits (i.e. boot camp, two-a-days, spring training).

it is good that people learn about issues like this, since a few days since our society has had a big turn, so it is necessary to learn techniques such life, thanks for sharing the post!

Being able to look at what others did best allowed me to develop a greater passion for teaching.

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