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September 23, 2004


please the process of middle manager develoment

please sugession the process of middle manager develoment

Wow - your question is not small and not one I can cover in a comment. If your library or bookstore has a copy of my book, High Impact Middle Management, you might want to check that out. It covers the areas I would focus on to train middle managers.

I really appreciate your help with this topic.

for me Most exciting is the seminal breakthrough in seeing an underlying order involving a few abnormal processes that manifest variably as Parkinson’s disease in one patient, Alzheimer’s disease in another, and so on. Numerous articles report on studies revealing inflammation, excitotoxicity, oxidation, genetic predilection, nutrient deficiencies and environmental toxicity in the onset and development of neurologic disorders

I gave problems with vision. Maybe it is the sign of the disease

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