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November 05, 2004


I became a Guy Kawasaki fan after reading his earlier book, "Selling the Dream." It draws upon his experiences "evangelizing" the Macintosh among software developers while he was at Apple Computer, and covers how to evangelize your dream whether it's building computer software or wooing a girlfriend (really!)

I agree with what you said above: he is direct, but disarmingly so. Thanks for the tip, Lisa. Art of the Start is exactly what I need right now; it's going to the top of my To Read list. And I'm adding your blog to my NewsGator.

Feel free to check out my fledling efforts at "a free agent in training,"

Bob - Thanks for your comments! Yes, Guy is intense - that is what I was getting at when I said he delivered his message like a welcome tsunami. Personally, I find this approach refreshing because I have many more business encounters typified by weakness.

Hi Lisa, I stumbled on your site from another business blog. Nice!

I too am a Guy Kawasaki fan. He has a way of getting to the point that I appreciate.


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