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May 30, 2005


Mahalo nui for this post today Lisa, thank you! It is an honor to have Managing with Aloha reviewed on Management Craft, and I so appreciate this opportunity to hear your take on the book, for you know I am one of your admirers and highly value your opinion as both a fellow author and management coach.

You are spot on with the point you make here about managers needing to incorporate “both sides of the coin.” Throughout my career I would repeatedly find that when the “toughness” of great management practice happens, employees truly did appreciate it: The “fairness” they’d ask for was actually consistency in the right stuff.

I’m sure you have found this in your own coaching and consulting practice: When a manager is struggling, the best thing I can often help them with first is their own demeanor (ho‘ohanohano). We talk about the consistent need for them to be conducting themselves with integrity, self-discipline and managerial distinction. And yes, we get tough together, with the spirit of aloha always guiding us to the perfect balance needed.

That coin stands on its edge!

I've been meaning to blog about this book too. I've been reading it on the bus to work. One chapter per ride. Beautiful stuff. Very useful. Very thoughtful. Very weel written and very readable. Perhaps, full of things that might be seen as "girlie concerns" but great managers wouldn't let that stand in the way of doing the right thing and will recognize Rosa's advice for what it is - great management guidance.

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