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July 29, 2005


I heard about you due to a post at The True Talk Blog.

I'm all for scrapping performance appraisals. You would be hard pressed to find a better way of dodging your responsibility as an organizational leader than the appraisal system. And that is likely why will listen to your well-reasoned case.

Still, I'm an idealist! Thank you all you have written and the sources you have recommended. Perhaps more than a few will give you a listen. It's time for a change!


Thanks for your thoughts! I agree that many leaders use the appraisal system as a substitute for great management.

Couple comments/questions.

What is the purpose of a performance appraisal?

If it's to improve performance then why do companies NOT promote and share those top performers methods for replication?

If money is such a motivator then show their bonus amount next to their picture.

Cooperation is a pre-requisite to competition.

Well done series!


Wonderful series!

If I ever work for a company again, I will do my best to put your ideas into effect.

A market-based pay system makes a lot of sense and will throw HR and the bean-counters into a tizzy. :)

It is the system which most upwardly-mobile employeees use to determine what their salary demands are anyway. If they don't get the money they are worth, they are out of there.

Great, great blog. A lot of interesting thoughts. Thanks.

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