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September 14, 2005


This is one of the most important lessons to keep in mind. Not least because you really need it when you need it.

It's so powerful because most of us start off by being intimidated by the other person, particularly if they're powerful, or brainy, or very good looking. Of course the other person is equally intimidated, but we tend to forget that. So the other person is just on that slight pedestal. Once they admit they made a mistake, they instantly come down to our level. After all we all make mistakes. Once we're on the same level, then we can start relating to each other. .. and yes helping them recover from their mistake. If they won't admit their mistake, we may even get a secret pleasure when the truth comes out.

For a cautionary story about expertise, blogs and admitting mistakes or at least being willing to consider a person might be wrong visit my friend Ralf's blog at and look at the posting for August 24 on LogoWorks.

I think it reinforces the admitting the mistakes quickly and energetically - thanks for the post.

Barry - Yes, the last thing I want to be is the object of someone's secret plot of revenge!

Michael - Thanks for the link!

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