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February 17, 2006


Thanks Lisa and judges! Lots of great ideas here, proud to have made runner up.

Wow, these are some great ideas. Thanks to Lisa for putting on this cool contest, and thanks to our impartial judges for taking time to judge the entries, and thanks to everyone for contributing. I am humbled to be a runner-up. Thanks for selecting my idea. If anyone would like the 10 point meeting sheet, I'd be happy to share it.

What a great contest! Thank you Lisa for setting this up and everyone else for the awesome ideas.

I am glad people are enjoying these tips. I like the fact they are so diverse and cover a lot of aspects of work life.

I would to bring a content to support your "Open Management Environment" idea.

I think you will be interested by my book entitled:

Managing Collective Intelligence
Toward a New Corporate Governance

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