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July 02, 2006


Aloha Lisa,
3 cheers and aloha-filled exhuberance for your fierce independence, deviation, emotional connections and deeply personal sharing. You continue to touch us with your open sharing of who you are - and we continue to love you for it.

[p.s. I was deviant too, and did my own kind of blog-tipping on the Ho'ohana Community e-bulletin board yesterday:
The way I see it, blogtipping is about generosity, and there are a lot of possibilities within our ability to give.]

A hui hou,

Hi Lisa - thanks for the link, I'm an avid reader of your site and hope to see you over at mine soon!

Thank you for the mucho link love and endorsement Lisa. Your support is so wonderful, I am at a loss for words. All I can say is thanks!

Rose, thanks for your comment and for the link to your post - love it.

Lisa, great job blogtipping, and very punctual. I cheated a bit because I was moving, and I did my blogtipping post a day early. Variety is the spice of life, as they say ... thanks for providing me with a few new links to check out!

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