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January 11, 2007


Great post. In my view it all comes down to the first point. As my best-ever Marine CO said, "There is no leadership except leadership by example."

Wally - if I have to distill it to one, I would agree. Modeling focused courage.

what a great post as always!lisa you re a treasure out there in this jungle of having to balance all these different and often conflicting goals.

i ll print it(this post) and try to keep it in front of my eyes all this year.

i m in charge of 12 people in our company in a very sensitive and important department, the numbers are good this year, but looking at our competiion i feel we re miles behind.

all my efforts to understand why we re so poor on serving the consumer(we re a supermarket chain) goes mainly to my disability to make my team really commited to what we do.
in other words i fail terribly to inspire them.

maybe i should quit as you say or i should try harder.

i ll try the latter.

an idea for a post or a book in the future:"why do managers fail?"

cause everybody knows more or less what to do, but so few of us succeed.


I suggested that managers who do not feel they ought to inspire people think about another career - but I get the sense from your comment that you want to inspire you employees. Where there is a will, I believe there is a way. Good luck!

I really like #4 - listen more, speak less; though the entire list is insightful.

One I might add as a form of inspiration I've experienced is "don't wait for perfection, praise progress".

To have someone see that I'm making progress and get some praise for it just fires me up all the more to make even more progress.

Thanks for offering up such an energizing list.

Keep creating,

Mike - I like that. Yes results are important, but so too is valuing progress and growth.

Excellent tips on inspiring people,

I alao found one blog on inspiring minds.

This Inspire Minds blog has lots of inspiring success stories of successful people.

Why do we always hear managers talking about inspiration techniques, but we never hear what the workers think? Maybe because nobody wants to listen?

Wow. All these ten tips are worth trying. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Jef Menguin

very moving, im a manager at a fastfood outlet and this is totally what i was looking for!!

thank you.
New Zealand

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